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To the writer, this will be the most important part of the Writers Matrix website. Below, you'll find the menu headings:



Left Panel Text Menu


"Dictionary, Thesaurus, Translator, Research"

"Agents, Editors & Publishers"

"Writing Tips & Quotes"

"Contests" and "Conferences"

"National Writers' Org"

"Writing Websites"

"Writing Software"


"Editing Services"


Home  Home Page for WritersMatrix.com. A welcome page; a landing for writers to launch searches for writing advice, services and products, as well as for publishers, editors and agents.  index.html


Dictionary, Thesaurus, Translator, Research The top dictionaries, thesauri and translation references in the industry. Look up any word, phrase, slang or jargon. 


Agents, Editors & Publishers  Search for agents, editors and publishers through several different writers' reference websites. Also, ensure agents and editors are legitimate and scrupulous before you deal with them. Agents,-Editors-&-Publishers.html


  Writing Tips & Quotes  Hundreds of tips, quips and quotes from famous writers and the top writing instructors. Writing-Tips-&-Quotes.html 


Conferences   Writing conferences and seminars both local and from around the globe. Conferences.html 
  • Shaw Guides  Shaw Guides Writers' Conferences Web Page 


Contests  Discover contests being held near you as well as across the country. Contests.html 




National Writers' Orgs  National writers' organizations, writers' clubs, writers' groups, critique groups and writers' associations.  National-Writers'-Orgs.html 
  • National writers' organizations, writers' clubs, writers' groups, critique groups and writers' associations especially for fiction writers including thriller, suspense, mystery, mainstream, western, scifi, fantasy, romance, historical and children's. 
  • National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW)  National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW) 
  • Non-Fiction  The non-fiction writers section is for all types of non-fiction writers, including memoir writers, Christian writers, news/column/article writers, biographers and technical writers.  Non-Fiction.html 
    • Memoir  This is the memoir writers support page, where memoir information and support organizations will be listed.  Memoir.html 
    • Christian  The Christian writers page is for information and to provide a list of Christian writing organizations to support the writer. Christian.html 
    • Column/Article  This page is to inform and support news, column and article writers.  Column-Article.html 
    • Non Fiction (General) For non-fiction writers, this page is for information and support.  Non-Fiction.html 
    • Biography  This page is to help support and inform biographers.  Biography.html 
    • Poetry  Information on poetry and poetry groups across the nation and over the globe.  Poetry.html 
  • Screenwriting  List of screenwriting resources and sites connecting screenwriters and playwrights with movie producers and play producers from Broadway to Hollywood.  Screenwriting.html 
  • Online Writing Groups & Blogs  A resource for online writing groups, writing support groups, writing critique groups and writing blogs.  Online-Writing-Groups-&-Blogs.html 


Writing Websites  Websites addressing writing issues and concerns, many filled with important information and links for writers. Writing-Websites.html
  • NaNoWriMo National Novel Writing Month Website 
  • AuthorLink.com News, Information and Marketing for Editors, Literary Agents, Writers, and Readers 
  • ForWriters.com ForWriters.com website 
  • Web Resources  Numerous other Web resources including many from Novel Writing Made Simple 





*Writing Software*  Writing-Software-.html

This page is actually a full-size aStore where you can find just about any writing software programs available. Easy to navigate and compare products, it's powered by Amazon.com, so how can you go wrong? See a sample below:



Self-Publishing Links to the most prominent self-publishing company websites, including:
  • Lulu 
  • Xlibris 
  • iUniverse 
  • Author House 
  • PublishAmerica 


Editing Services  Editing Services to help writers tune-up, edit, promote and publish their writing. Editing-Services.html 


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