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The image links below are from some of the advertisers who want your business.  They wouldn't be on our site if we didn't think you might be interested in what they have to offer.  We'll change them from time to time and you'll see new offers. If one catches your eye and piques your curiosity, check it out.

The first image button link takes you to Reader Hook Productions, a really neat new company, making film trailers from authors' novels. Make your novel or story seem like a feature film with a professionally produced movie trailer. How better to market you latest book. Reader-Hook-Productions-.html

The second image button link is for  Novel Writing Made Simple. This is our reference book on the novel-writing craft and is an essential tool for the beginning writer as well as a helpful reference and review for the seasoned professional.

The rest of the links are to well-known and respected Internet retailers of writing related products.


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