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Info Bar

4. Top Information Bar

The Information Bar contains important research and media information that will help writers keep up on current events as well as keep themselves entertained. 



WMx blog is the first button on the left. This blog is just getting started, but soon we hope it will be a source and resource for important information and discussions on critical writing related topics.

You'll find the latest US as well as international News at the next button, from both the largest newspapers' as well as the major TV News stations' websites.

Newspapers includes the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and about 97 more, foreign and domestic.

TV News includes the top network and cable News channels including PBS.

The Weather button gives you three choices:

Local Weather -- for a window that pops up in the main panel, where you can enter your zip code and find out your local weather forecast.

NOAA Weather Service -- for a look at what the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency has to say.

Weather.com --where you can go directly to this major Internet weather resource to research weather around the country.

Movies/TV gives you four choices especially for your personal entertainment, but may also be of use in research.

You've got Local Movie Times which allows you to search the four most popular theater movie time websites: Google Movietimes, Moviefone, Fandango and Yahoo Movies.

Then there's TV Guide for your home TV viewing pleasure as well as articles featuring your favorite shows.

A place you'll want to visit from time to time is the WMx DVD Store where you'll find both the latest movie and concert DVDs as well as those from days gone by.

Last, but far from least, is the Movies & TV Rent/Buy button. Here you can preview many of the most popular movies and TV shows before you make the decision to buy.

Web Mail allows you launch to your GMail, Yahoo! Mail or your AOL Mail with the click of a button.

Search Engines gives you nearly unlimited access to the World Wide Web. With the top 15 search engines to choose from, you'll soon find out that they'll not always give you the same results. Some have strict requirements before a site, page or blog can be listed, while others do not. Try them out and see what we mean.

Maps won't actually take you where you want to go, but it can certainly show you how to get there. With the top three map sites on the Internet, how can you get lost? Choose MapQuest for one of the most respected names in the industry, and you'll get directions and maps, besides even a satellite view of where you're wanting to go. With Google Earth, you can even access a street-level perspective of many locations! The third selection is ExpediaMaps, where you can not only find a map of where you want to go, but you can even make travel arrangements to get there!


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