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5. Main Panel Header

This menu bar rests directly over the main panel. Here, you'll find all sorts of fun things that we writers need once in a while for a bit of a distraction--you know, when another one of those darn rejection letters shows up in your mailbox.




Holiday Specials! or Specials & Favorites! (depending on the season) are full of the hottest deals on bestselling books, toys, games, music and movies--to help you with not only your everyday fun and entertainment shopping but your holiday gift shopping needs as well. These are "aStores" powered by Amazon.com. Here's a sample, below:



Writers' Pleasures introduces you to the "Chocolate Matrix" aStore (powered by Amazon.com) where you can reward yourself for the excellent scene you just wrote, or to show a friend or relative how special they are to you. "Guilty Pleasures" makes available some other decadent necessities, like gourmet gifts, candies and cheeses. Next in line is the Mauna Loa Chocolate Macadamia Nuts link that takes you right to this Hawaiian treat's door. Then, there's the PajamaGram link where you'll find some really comfy pajamas for both women and men (some are a bit sexy, too) that can be gifted or stingied (I know, it's not a word, but it should be!). There are neat Wine Accessories at the button next door, especially for the wine connoisseur (thank goodness for spellchecker!).  On the far right is our own flower store, "WMx Fowers" also powered by Amazon.com.  Send flowers and other gifts to cheer up a friend, recognize an important occasion or to yourself to brighten up your writing room.


The Music button allows four main choices:

1. enter our "WMx Music CD Store" (aStore powered by Amazon.com) to find some of the best deals going on today's popular music as well as that of yesteryear,

2. check out one of three links to the Net's most popular music download sites (Rhapsody, Napster and eMusic),

3. find the ever popular iTunes website for audiobooks, music and video downloads for your iPod, or

4. visit Sirius satellite radio for some real seious radio.


Travel & Leisure will take you anywhere you want to go--well, at least you'll be able to acquire the tickets! The choices are many:

1. Airfare can be purchased from Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz or Priceline. Hey, what's it going to hurt to shop around?

2. How about a scenc trainride? Sorry, it's not the Orient Express--but it is Amtrak!

3. Writers and Bed & Breakfasts go hand in hand. Search for one near you, or on the other side of the country.

4. You'll need a car on your next trip, and we've got direct links to Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, National Car and Thrifty!

5. Okay, so when was the last time you took the bus? Greyhound Bus routes are all over the country: what a great idea for a writers' adventure!

6. Not up for the ol' bed and breakfast--just want a place to rest your weary head before getting back on the road in the morning? Search by the finest amenities or by the cheepest price for hotels and motels at Hotels.com.

7. Now, if it's a vacation getaway you want--an adventure to fuel your writer's fire--try World Ventures Travel/Vacations.


At the end of the Header Bar Menu, rests Search this Site -- I know we've got a lot of really cool places on this website. For the most part, it's all really easy to find. But if you ever get lost, just click on this button and type in your search terms.


Notice that just below the main panel header menu is another small menu called a breadcrumb trail. We've made it a little larger for easier viewing. This shows you where you've been and what pages you visited to get where you are now. In the above image, for example, it says "->Home" then ">Editing Services" (the yellow font color here means it is the main heading of the page you're on, for this example), and then ">*Contest Tune-Up!" indicating that you'd be on the Contest Tune-Up! page. If you then wished to go back to any of those previous pages (Home or Editing Services), all you'd need to do is click on the desired page's name on the breadcrumb trail.


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