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6. Right Panel Menu & Links 



  The Right Panel Menu is an incredible compilation of writers' needs and interests spanning the World Wide Web.




Writing Books & Magazines: 

  • *Writers Matrix Books*  Writers Matrix Bookstore. Writers-Matrix-Books-.html 
  • *Bestsellers*  Bestselling books for writers.  Bestsellers-.html 
  • *Novel Writing Made Simple*  Novel Writing Made Simple -THE Book on Novel Writing- An Easy to Understand study manual for the beginning novelist, a reference and review for the experienced fiction writer; Novel Writing Made Simple is a comprehensive guide to the novel-writing craft. Its straightforward approach breaks down the rules and conventions of one of the most revered and subjective of all creative arts to their simplest forms. This thorough text covers everything from storytelling basics to manuscript submission. If you have room for but one novel-writing reference book beside your keyboard, Novel Writing Made Simple is the one to have. -------Kick start your novel Today!------- Novel-Writing-Made-Simple-.html 
  • *Writers Digest Shop* Writers Digest Books & Magazines Shop website 
  • *WMx Bookstore* WMx Bookstore with every book imaginable--powered by Amazon.com! WMx-Bookstore-.html 
  • *Barnes and Noble* Barnes and Noble website 
  • *Say It With Books* Say It With Books website. Don't give a writer or reader flowers or candy to express your love and friendship--give books! 
  • Borders Books  the Borders Bookstore website.



Audio for Writers Audio books and writing conference tapes for writers. Audio-for-Writers.html 



Writers' Needs  Everything the writer needs is right here! Writers'-Needs.html



Images  Images, pics, photos abound. Every type from nature to industry, from restless to calm, from dynamic to static. Beautiful or gross, you'll find them here. Images.html 
  • Flickr  Flickr website 
  • Viewzie Photo Search  Viewzi website 
  • Cool Iris Photos  Cool Iris website 
  • NASA Photos Actual photos from the National Aeronautic and Space Administration 
  • Free Nature Pics Hundreds of nature photos--for free! 
  • YouTube.com  You Tube's website 



Website & Domain Tools
  • Website building and domain registering tools, such as GoDaddy and Xsite Pro. 
  • Publicity  Publicity for your books


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