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About Novel Writing Made Simple:

An Easy to Understand study manual for the beginning novelist, a reference and review for the experienced fiction writer; Novel Writing Made Simple is a comprehensive guide to the novel-writing craft. Its straightforward approach breaks down the rules and conventions of one of the most revered and subjective of all creative arts to their simplest forms. This thorough text covers everything from storytelling basics to manuscript submission. If you have room for but one novel-writing reference book beside your keyboard, Novel Writing Made Simple is the one to have.

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Five Star, Rave Reviews for Novel Writing Made Simple

 Tonya says: "3-D Characters"

Several years ago I had the pleasure of taking one of Gordon's classes. One of the things that impacted my writing is the wonderful way he addressed characterization. I'm so glad he's included this in "Novel Writing Made Simple". It opened up a whole new aspect in fleshing out characters for my stories and novel.

Kay says: "An Excellent Resource for Writers"

Of the hundreds of how-to resources for writers available, this book is at the top of my list of keepers. It doesn't ramble on and on and take forever to actually get to the heart of what a writer is looking for. All of the basic information is there, with charts and examples. As a list lover, I especially liked the list of Unnecessary Words and Redundancies, as well as the list of Misused Words. My recommendation: buy it, read it, use it, and keep it handy.

Novel Writing Made Simple hits all the high points of how to write a novel-and it isn't five hundred pages long. It gives you practical examples of how to create believable characters, set the scene and drive the plot. There's an excellent explanation and diagram of a story arc, and tips how to brainstorm for new ideas and subplots. Kessler uses full page examples to show how your novel should look when you submit it to an agent or editor and discusses what is expected of new writers as they try to enter the world of publishing. There's a helpful appendix of terms and definitions. Writing the novel is your job and this book gives you the tools to write it.

About the author:

Gordon A. Kessler is the author thriller novels Jezebel and Dead Reckoning. Kessler has a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing from Wichita State University and is a founding father and former president of the Kansas Writers Association. He is a Master Instructor and has taught Novel Writing for Butler County Community College, Kansas Writers Association, and the Wichita Free University as well as English Composition on the collegiate level. An experienced novelist and writing mentor, he has numerous literary agency and publishing house contacts, including dozens of New York agents and editors, and he makes a point of keeping his finger on the publishing industry's pulse on a daily basis. 

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